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Chairs for Hope

In 2014 HHF began raising funds for community for a project called Chairs for Hope.  Chairs for Hope is an effort to replace all chairs for the local memorial building venue. 


The Summers County Memorial Building was built by the WPA during the New Deal era of the 1930's, and has served as an affordable, local venue for children and young people's after school events, fundraising events, local blood drives and much more.  This local building is a gem among Hinton and Summers County residents and has served the community well throughout the decades.  However, due to economic factors, some parts of the building faces struggles.  One area is the seating, and that is what Chairs for Hope has been addressing. 


When we first started Chairs for Hope the Memorial building had less than 100 usable folding chairs.  There simply weren't enough viable chairs for every event attendee to sit. Now with the help of local citizens and HHF sponsored events we have been able to provide nearly 200 of the 300 new chairs we set out for in 2014. 


Each chair costs about $20-22 at Sam's, and we appreciate every penny and effort that has been provided towards this project so far.  If you would like to donate towards Chairs for Hope then we encourage you to do so at the paypal link below or by mailing your checks payable to Hinton Hope Foundation (with "Chairs For Hope" in the memo) to Hinton Hope Foundation, P.O. Box 562, Hinton, WV 25978.  There is no overhead and 100% of the funds goes towards the chairs.  Please email us if you have any questions. THANK YOU!

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