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Fundraiser(s) 2013

photos by Sara Beth Mattis

Save Our Town: Hinton, WV

The people of Summers County came together to help create this video for our 2013 crowdfunding campaign on


There was also a Los Angeles portion of the fundraiser in late January 2014 at Kay 'n Daves Restaurant that raised over $600. 



HGT winning performance: Roll in my sweet baby's arms live on WVVA newscenter 6.



video by Greg Meadows

HGT people's choice performance: Hills & Hollers

On January 3, 2014 Laura Ann Lilly, our YLSC team leader, coordinated the very first Hinton's Got Talent Show.  There were 15 different musical acts from young people 8-20 years old from around the county.  There was a whole heapin' helpin' of talent, it was a lot of fun, there were many smiling faces in the crowd and the funds raised go back to the YLSC youth program.  We hope to make this an annual event.  


The People's Choice Winners were Allen McGraw and Jacob Woodrum who performed "Hills and Hollers" written by Jacob. The 3rd place winner was Nick Bennett who performed a song he wrote entitled "Drop your Ammunition". Our 2nd place winner was Alix Crawford. She performed the song "Crazier". Our grand prize winners were Ciera, Dustin and Jacob Northern and their cousin Anthony Cales. They performed a bluegrass song entitled "Roll in in My Sweet Baby's Arms". Congratulations to everyone!




HHF on W V V A news Center 6

Above:  Our first appearance on the news back in Nov. 2013.


Below:  Tiffany Eis came to Hinton, WV all the way from Missouri to speak to around 900 people about the ramifications of drugs on Apr. 8-9, 2014.

2013 Photo Contest

HHF Photo Contest Winners:

The HHF had a photo contest to collect some photos for our slideshow.  We chose the Summers County Twirlers as our winners for their team spirit and hard work.  



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