Together...We make a difference!


The idea for The Hinton Hope Foundation came from Summers County native, James Andrew "Andy" Rollyson who wanted to contribute to his hometown.  During the summer of 2013 he called up Laura Lilly of Nimitz, WV for ideas and she had plenty!  Next came others who felt the same and had something of their own to contribute.


Now we have a growing number of volunteers, creative advisors, media attention, a grant writer, an environmental scientist (for the ginseng project), a business consultant, a photographer, we've filed for our 501c3 non-profit status with the IRS and most importantly we have the the support of the Hinton Mayor, Joe Blankenship and the people of Summers County, WV.




Meet the Team

James Andrew

"Andy" Rollyson,

Exec. Director


A native of Nimitz, WV, Andy currently lives in Los Angeles, CA and exports his expertise in creative writing, photography, graphics, team building, project coordination and creative consulting. 

Laura Lilly, Secretary & Project Coordinator


Laura lives in Nimitz and is the mother of an inspiring daughter, Erin.  She originally came up with the Youth Program (YLSC) to help the young people of Summers County.  She's a pioneer in creative ideas. 

Sara Beth Mattis, Official HHF Photographer


Sara lives in Hinton with her husband, Justin and toddler son, Trace. She's young, outgoing and knows her way around a camera like a coon dog knows how to hunt!  She's responsible for most of our fundraiser photos and looks forward to continuing on with the team.

William Jones, Board Member/Fundraiser Team Member


William lives in Talcott and has close relations with Lewisburg, WV.  In addition to being a board member, William is on the ground helping raise funds the traditional way--by asking individuals and businesses and by planning fundraising events.



*Angie Ellison- Graphics Designer Extraordinaire

*Kim Wines- Crafting & Design

*Rebecca Stalnaker-local firefighter 

*Rhonda Miller- Does it all type of gal

*Amy Plumley

*Cheryl "mama" Jones



From left to right:  Laura Lilly, Kim Wines, William Jones, Cheryl Jones, Rebecca Stalnaker & Rhonda Miller.

You could be a volunteer with the HHF!


Want to be a part of the team? Send us an email.


Hinton, WV

Los Angeles, CA


Dwight Emerich, 



Dwight lives in Hinton and has been passionate about helping develop an arts program in the area for years.  He is excited to be working with the HHF.  He also is one of the board members of the Campbell-Flannagan-Murrell House, the oldest residence in Hinton.